You’re using a chatbot and you don’t even know. Read below how the chatbot controls human life.

When speaking about chatbot not many people are aware of what it stands for.  But what if I tell you, you use it every day without knowing that it is a chatbot.

Before I tell you how it works and all

You need to comprehend what a chatbot actually is.

A chatbot is a software application that is used for online chats or voice to text or vice versa. It is spectacularly designed in a way that replicates human traits. Its main goal was to make it seem like a conversational partner.

Chatbots are used in dialog systems for various purpose like customer service, information gathering, responding, etc.

A chatbot is nothing but Artificial Intelligence that is specially made to perform like humans. 

Artificial Intelligence is an excellent gift for humans. It adapts human traits very quickly and gives an immediate and accurate response through voice commands. 

A chatbot is a computer program that promotes human-like conversations. It delivers and receives voice command which makes it easier for people to search for anything on the internet. 

Mammoth platforms like Google assistant, Facebook, Youtube,  Amazon’s Alexa, Siri are a great example of a chatbot. It is very beneficial in the business industry because of its supreme standard technology. 

How does a chatbot work? 

– Bot is nothing but software and a chatbot is something where you can chat and get responses.

Users send their queries into one of these platforms and the chatbots respond with relevant results.


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